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Welcome to the web site of the Animal Behavior Technology Institute Diploma Program.

The Animal Behavior Technology (ABTech) personal interest Diploma Program is a 2 year, 7 course, comprehensive and challenging behaviorologically oriented and self-paced distance program of study in the science of behavior and the technology of animal behavior informed by it. It provides a comprehensive and systematic foundation in the principles of behavior, behavior change project management, training strategies and techniques, tactics and procedures in behavior change interventions, functional assessment of problem behaviors, consulting skills and case management, and professional ethics, as well as application specifics with cats, dogs and/or parrots. 

The program is completely distance oriented although there are hands-on assignments and video submission requirements. Once enrolled, the student may begin right away. We are totally dedicated to ensuring that all students attain the greatest expansion of their repertoire as possible in the most positively reinforcing environment possible. The ABTech program is an academically rigorous program that will provide students a comprehensive education in the science of behavior.

Program Courses:

Term 1 (240 hours)

  • Principles of Behavior 101 (6 cr. 90 hours)
  • Functional Assessment 102 (4 cr. 60 hours)
  • Animal Training Technology 103 (6 cr. 90 hours)

Term 2 (225 hours)

  • Behavior Change Programming 201 (4 cr. 60 hours)
  • Species-Typical Behavior 202 (dog and/or parrots and/or cats) (4 cr. 60 hours)
  • Professional Activities 203 (4 cr. 60 hours)
  • Professional Ethics 204 (3 cr. 45 hours)

Electives (available to students and graduates):

Enrolling or enrolled students and graduates may take elective courses to help advance their proficiencies. The courses will be considered part of the main ABTech program.

  • Canine Aggression 301 (2 cr. 30 hours)
  • Canine Separation Anxiety 302  (2 cr. 30 hours)

Enrollment & Tuition:

There are two enrollment and tuition payment options available (full tuition and payment plan). 

  • Option #1: Full tuition payment upon enrollment of $2,400. 2 years to complete all courses.
  • Option #2: Initial payment upon enrollment of $1,400 and then a second payment of $1,400 due prior to beginning the second term or within 1 year from enrollment, whichever comes first. 2 years from initial enrollment to complete all courses.

Choose Tuition Option:

Enrollment Prerequisites:

CEUs and Certification Options:

Graduates may use their ABTech credits toward education requirements (but not supervised hands on hours) for certification through the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals. Click here for details.

Evaluation System and Graduation Requirements:

ABTech evaluates the meeting of curricular behavioral objectives through written assignments, some of which may be reports of hands-on exercises and by evaluation of video submissions. The student receives all of their course notes and assignments as soon as they enroll and works through them at their own pace. The student has access to their instructor via email at all times for help. All behavioral objectives must be achieved and any assignments that do not meet the appropriate level of proficiency are treated as an opportunity for further instruction. The student is provided direction and guidance and may resubmit the deficient assignment in order to bring it up to the appropriate proficiency level. This not only assures that all behavioral objectives are met but with minimal stress and maximum guidance. The student and instructor are in the process together to ensure each behavioral objective is achieved. Generally, two opportunities are provided for resubmission.

All behavioral objectives must be achieved and proficiency demonstrated in every assignment and course. Notwithstanding the above, if after attempts at remediation and resubmission of assignments, the instructor determines that the student has not demonstrated proficiency in all behavioral objectives then a passing grade cannot be awarded and studies will be discontinued without refund. No student will graduate unless they have demonstrated proficiency in every single assignment topic in every course in the program. Failure should be a rare occurrence if it every occurs at all as we are totally dedicated to getting students through successfully but the standard must be maintained.

How it Works:

To enroll, fill out the form on the enroll page and click send. You will be notified regarding whether your application is accepted or declined. If accepted, you will be sent an enrollment agreement to review, sign and send back. You may then make the tuition payment. The program begins for you as soon as the forms and tuition are received and you receive your welcome email. You will be emailed your course notes and student handbook and an invitation to the ABTech email list open to students, graduates and your instructor. The program is completely distance oriented and you will work your way through the assignments, some academic, some hands-on and some career development and hand them into your instructor for evaluation. The only deadline is the final 2-year deadline (unless you take the program course-by-course, in which case each course is allowed 4 months) and so you may work through at your own pace. You can email your instructor directly with questions or post to class. Once you complete the final course, you will be awarded your diploma and ABTech credentials.

Professional Ethics:

Students and graduates are required to abide by the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals set of Professional Practice Guidelines. Any student found to breach these guidelines, whether an AABP member or not will be expelled and any graduate found to breach these guidelines, whether an AABP member or not will have their credential revoked. 

Institute Classification and Status:

ABTech is not a degree issuing university, college, or vocational school. ABTech provides educational programs for personal interest only. 

(c) 2014 Animal Behavior Technology. ABTech is a non-registered, non-vocational private institution.